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A Personal Word from the Founder

         During my years in school, I fell in love with the Spanish language  and culture! I took several advanced classes throughout high school and college,  for which I received high honors. I attended and graduated with honors from Dartmouth College,  where I was first introduced to the Rassias Method® of learning languages.  Professor John Rassias first developed this revolutionary manner of teaching a  foreign language to students who had little or no prior exposure to the  language.  Using his fun and exciting method, thousands of college students and adults have learned to love Spanish.   As a mother and “Mompreneur”, I adapted this method to teaching young children.

          My background is diverse. I have lived in Spain and traveled to many Spanish-speaking countries. After college, I attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School. My language background enabled me to use the language through teaching and in my law practice. While that was fulfilling, it wasn’t until I  became a mother that my true passion for children and the Spanish language merged.

          After having my first child, I began to checkout various  preschools. The schools’ educational curriculum was high at the top of my  priority list. Much to my dismay, I found that very few schools offered the  curriculum that I was seeking, and the few that did, were way out of my price range! And so,  I set out on a mission to educate my child with “extras”.   I made it a priority  to speak Spanish to him at an early age. He eagerly responded and by the age of  two, he was counting in Spanish and he had learned all of his colors and several  Spanish  songs. We moved shortly thereafter and my new neighbors were astonished  that my son was so verbal in Spanish – even though it was not his native  tongue. “Curiously”, he was frequently invited to several playdates so he could share his songs with their children. Finally, I was approached and asked to  teach his friends.  Having served as a teacher as well, I readily accepted the  challenge.  Happily, I’ve been teaching Spanish to young children for the past  15+ years, and loved every moment of it!  What began as informal playdates has  blossomed into Spanish instruction at several Preschools, Daycare Centers,  charter and private schools, camps and more.

            In a nutshell, I am an “Ivy-league educated, Professional, Mother of  three, who has a heart for educating children about the Spanish language and  culture.”

          Recently, I have combined all of my experience, innovative lessons,  and creative approaches in an effort to share them with many more children. I  strongly believe that the children at your school would greatly benefit from  early introduction of the Spanish language. I encourage you to distinguish your  preschool from others with a quality language program that is…


                 as ENTERTAINING, as it is ECONOMICAL;   

                            and as FUN as it is FUNDAMENTAL!

Sinceremente, (Sincerely)

Señora DeeDee