We are pleased to announce                                     our newest and most affordable
           learning module…


Virtual education is the wave of the future – and the future is NOW!


Online educational instruction is the wave of the future.
Today’s technology makes this possible.   Homeschools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country are already taking  advantage of  this technology by offering online education.  Why?  Because it’s effective, convenient and affordable.  Spanish4Preschools is now extending this innovative teaching method to the children at your school. Let us help you get on board with this forward thinking technology to get your school in line with 21st century teaching methods.  This will provide your preschool with a distinct advantage – quality language instruction, delivered at your location, at your convenience, at a price you can afford.


Save money  using our virtual education products.  Rather than buying a Spanish DVD system to teach the same thing  (over and over)  – with our instructional system, you will receive fresh new lessons each and every month – and much, much more!

Each month, you will receive your customized lessons, conveniently delivered directly to your Center.  YOU choose the delivery vehicle:

  • Delivered to your email box for easy downloading on desktop, laptop or tablet viewing;

  •  No internet access? – No problem!  We can deliver your lessons via professional DVD for viewing on your  tv/dvd player.

  • A back up online link is also available, if necessary.

AND…if you would like, your children can attend a monthly live Webcast “Fiesta Sing Along” with  Señora DeeDee”.  In this virtual classroom, we will do a quick review of the month’s topics, all the while incorporating music and laughter into the educational experience.

You will also receive worksheets and other handouts to reinforce the lessons.  With each of our products, the children will be introduced to “educationally  entertaining” lessons, designed to captivate the mind and attention of preschool age children.


ACT NOW and receive a 10% discount off your first month’s instruction.  Mention the code words “SPANISH is FUN-damental” to receive your discount!