Group of kids with globe      For too many years, a foreign language was not introduced to children until their middle school years, or even worse – not until high school.  By waiting to teach a foreign language until a child is 12 or 13, precious time has been lost!    By then, the way that the child thinks has already been set. They are comfortable with the English language, and frequently will view a foreign language as being just that – “foreign”.  Often teen years are difficult enough without introducing a subject matter that the child will perceive as being difficult. Rather, the time to introduce a foreign language is in the more formative years – when they are young.  How young?  The younger the better.   This is the philosophy of SPANISH4PRESCHOOLS.

       Our concept of teaching children at an early age began when the Founder was teaching her first child to go up the stairs.  Bored with the repetition of counting in English, she decided to fall back on her love of the Spanish language.  Limited only by the number of steps in the living room, her child easily learned to count from 1-15 in Spanish.  She began singing his lullabies in Spanish, and soon he began to repeat them back to her.  Her child’s love for another language had been born, and continues even now!

      Join with us and introduce a love for learning Spanish to your school.

Our Mission…

To instill in children of all ages
a love for the Spanish language, Hispanic culture and customs –


                            WHILE THEY ARE YOUNG  

so that  love and appreciation will grow as  they grow.