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Summer Camp Programs

We proudly offer two camp options:

For Individuals:

Join us in Wyncote, PA for fun-filled, academically stimulating SUMMER TIME FUN!

Los Amigos offers preschoolers, and children in grades Pre K4 through 8, an opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun, interactive way!

Los Amigos is an outgrowth of our quality preschool, elementary and junior high Spanish classes taught throughout the school year by Spanish4Preschools & Español Para Los Niños (Spanish for School-Age Children). Fueled by my love and respect for the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture; my continual quest for knowledge; my understanding of the natural curiosity of children, and my perpetual pursuit of quality, yet affordable extra-curricular educational programs for my own three children – Los Amigos Summer Spanish Camp was created.   The camp is open to students who have taken Spanish before, as well as for beginners.

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to learn and have fun!  Your child will not only learn the Spanish language, but also songs, history, geography, and more.  Each year, Los Amigos takes advantage of the summer to allow the children to learn about different Hispanic countries and their cultures.  This year, we will focus on Spain, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.  The children will also have the opportunity to conduct merchant transactions in a Spanish Mercado (a little like a school store where the children will have the opportunity to buy Hispanic items – conversing only in Spanish.)

Space will be limited so we can interact with the children in small groups.   Take advantage of our Early Registration Discount and Sign Up Today!

I hope your child can join us.  We plan to learn a lot and have fun!

Señora Dee Dee
Ivy-League Educated, Founder

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Each year, Los Amigos Summer Spanish Camp chooses different Hispanic countries to focus on.  This year, your children will learn about:


                 PUERTO RICO &pre school logo


Students will learn all about

  • the splendor and history of Spain;
  • the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rico, and
  • the Iintriguing history of Mexico, before and after Spanish influence.
  • and much more.

There will be songs, videos, group projects, arts and crafts, laughter and fun!  Each session will end with a Fiesta (of course!) – featuring authentic foods from the country that they have studied.

 **NEW THIS YEAR: In addition to offering your children Spanish, we are also offering Academic Enrichment in Math and English for Middle School /Junior High to prepare your children for the coming year.   Taught by a certified teacher in the Cheltenham School District, this session is specifically designed to help your child successfully complete his/her summer reading requirements and to reinforce and enrich math skills for the coming school year.  Also, your child will also receive Spanish instruction – an excellent opportunity for students beginning Spanish 1 in 7th grade, or 9th grade, as well as for those who will continue with Spanish 2 in the fall.  The goal of this special session is to offer your children a unique opportunity to get, and stay ahead.  These sessions will preview the curriculum for the coming year, giving your child a distinct advantage in September, while having fun in the summer!

  • Session 1** (Mexico):        Wk of July 5         

  • Session 2   (Spain):           Wk of July 11       

  • Session 3   (Mexico):         Wk of July 18

  • Session 4** (Puerto Rico): Wk of July 25

** (Math/English curriculum also offered for Middle School and Jr. High students


Pre-K/Kindergarten Spanish Class    9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  (ages 4 – 6 (entering PreK 4, K or 1st grade in the fall)

Elementary School Spanish Class    11:30 a.m. –  1:00 p.m. (those entering 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade in the fall)

Middle School/Junior High ***          1:45 p.m. –  4:15 p.m. (those entering 5th through 9th grade in the fall)


COST: $75.00   Pre K/Elementary School session; $90.00 Middle School/Jr. High Session. 

($10 discount for registering prior to June 15th; 10% discount for multiple sessions/siblings)


Space will be limited so we can interact with the children in small groups.  

Take advantage of our Early Registration Discount and Sign Up Today!

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I hope your child can join us.  We plan to learn a lot and have fun!

Señora Dee Dee

Ivy-League Educated Founder, Los Amigos Summer Spanish Camp


For more information, email us at spanish4preschools@gmail.com 




For Summer Camps

Traveling to your camp location, we will offer your children “A Camp Within Your Camp”, exposing them to not only the Spanish language, but also to Hispanic art and crafts, music and dance, history, and more!  Our summer program is available for preschools, homeschools, summer camp, and those who just want to learn more while they are having fun.

Our goal is to provide your children with a
FUN- filled, educationally based unique summer experience.   

Each summer we focus on a different Hispanic country to present to our campers. 

In Summer 2016 your children will be introduced to SPAIN!

What will they learn this summer?

Spanish Art      – While learning colors and the body, your children will appreciate the works of Picasso, Dalí and other famous Spanish artists.

Spanish Food    –  While discussing the European diet vs. our American diet, the children will learn to make easy “Tapas” and” Kiddy Sangria”

Spanish History – Make la bandera (the Spanish flag); Learn about the role of Spain in the “discovery” of the 20 Hispanic countries of the world – beginning with Christopher Columbus…; “Meet” the King and Queen of Spain and admire real castles

Spanish Culture – What is a typical day like for Spanish school age children? “Do I really have to take a siesta???”

Spanish Festivals – La Tomatina (world’s largest food fight!)  La Fiesta del Agua (The Water Festival)   What says fun more than a Spanish Water fight???)

Spanish Music and Dance – from the guitarra to the castanets, the children will learn to love flamenco  dance and making their own props.

WE PROMISE YOU, this is not like any other camp experience,                                   which will automatically set your camp program apart. 

It is a unique Spanish Camp experience – operated within your already established camp curriculum.  

For more information about this unique Camp option, email us today.  spanish4preschools@gmail.com.

middle school 3

Los Amigos Spanish Summer Camp
Sponsored by Español Para Los Niños and Spanish4Preschools