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In addition,  here are a few of our PAST AND PRESENT CLIENTS:

  • Bethel Christian Academy

  • Blair Christian Academy

  • Career and Academic Development Institute

  • Country Crossroads

  • Enon Tabernacle Child Care Center

  • Greenbyrne Federal Daycare

  • Federation Early Learning Center

  • Grace Daycare

  • Holy Redeemer Childcare Center

  • Hope Daycare

  • Immaculate Conception

  • The Jane Munn School

  • Lasalle Building Blocks

  • Little Lights of the World

  • Mastery Charter

  • Myers Elementary

  • New Covenant

  • Personal Touch Daycare Centers

  • St. Athanasius

  • St. Francis Xavier

  • St. Martin de Porres

    Sharon Christian Academy

  • The Beacon Center

  • Wee ‘R The World

  • West Oak Lane Academy

  • Zhang Sah