“I would like to take the time to tell you about the wonderful  experience that my daughter and I have been enjoying in reference to her Spanish  lessons. 

Spanish lessons have opened up another exciting world for us,  especially because I did not enjoy Spanish when I was in school.  But now it is  so exciting because my daughter has grasped the language so easily… It has  automatically become a 2nd language for her.  Sometimes a first  language for her.

On Tuesday, April 9th, (she) had to take a test for Kindergarten, and  when I came back to pick her up, the teachers asked me what nationality she  was.  At first I seemed confused.  When I asked why, they said because when they  were asking her questions, she answered a lot of them in SPANISH.  They had  already written down that she was Hispanic.  I just smiled and said, “No, she  takes Spanish lessons every Thursday…”  They were very impressed, and so was I.   I was so proud of her. 

This (Spanish) education has raised my child to build her self-esteem  and excited her to learn a 2nd language that is highly requested…  

Thank you so much, for giving my daughter another chance in believing  and trusting that she can achieve and learn anything that is put in front of  her.” 

MarCherie W., Delaware County, PA 

“Proud Mom!  2 years with Señora DeeDee and Lily gets moved up 2 grade  levels in Spanish at Twin Spring Farm Day School!”                        Wendy  L., Wyncote, PA

“My child has enjoyed learning from [Español Para Los Niños].  She makes it  fun and keeps the kids interested.”                                                                                     Larry P.,  Glenside, PA


“Señora DeeDee’s animated teaching style engages the children and keeps  them motivated to absorb and learn.  Two thumbs up!”                           Margie R., Wyncote,  PA


“My son Justin enjoys Señora DeeDee’s  class so much that he can hardly wait  for the next class.  He has even begun to create his own games in Spanish.  He truly loves learning the language.”

 Marilou W.,  Wyndmoor, PA


“Miss DeeDee is great at getting the kids involved with the class and  participating with the lessons and the other students!  It’s a fun way of  learning.”                                                                                                           

Barb S., Ft. Washington, PA

“[Español Para Los Niños] created a fun learning experience for the children.  My child has become very enthusiastic about learning Spanish.  Thank you! “    Kim T.,  Wyncote, PA

“Señora DeeDee provides a very energetic and fun learning experience.  My  daughters look forward to going to class each week.”                                  Joe P. ,Elkins  Park, PA


“My daughter loved this class right from the start, and it is hard to tear  her away when the weekly sessions are finished!”                                                               

Tom A., Jenkintown, PA 

 “My daughter is so excited about her Spanish classes!  She practices all week long and can hardly wait for the week to pass so she can go to Spanish again.  It is a pleasure for a parent to have a child so enthusiastic about learning!”          A. Combs, Jenkintown, PA

“My seven year old daughter loves taking the Spanish classes with Señora DeeDee.  She loves to show/tell everyone what she has learned in Spanish.  She is so excited about the class and will not miss it for any reason. Thank you for your enthusiasm.”

J.  Champion, Jenkintown, PA

“My daughter Maggie and I have truly enjoyed your class!  Your energy, enthusiasm and ingenuity make the class a delight.”                                                   Pat W. Jenkintown, PA

“We are so happy that Los Amigos Spanish Camp was our 5-year-old’s first exposure to a foreign language! Now she is so excited to learn Spanish because her teachers made it FUN! Everyday she taught us new Spanish words and phrases. She learned so much about Spanish culture through art, music and cooking.  We highly recommend Los Amigos as a fun and enriching educational experience!”               –Keith and Lori R., Huntingdon Valley, PA

Thank you.  My daughter Gabriella had a wonderful time in Spanish Camp this summer and eager to return next summer.  When I ask Gabriella what part she enjoyed best about camp she said ‘all of it…it’s really fun learning new words in Spanish.’   Thank you for providing a creative and fun learning experience.”     Jacqui M., Elkins Park, PA

Señora DeeDee y Señorita Stefanie son  profesoras muy  buenas!!  El campamiento “Los Amigos” es un oportunidad excelente  para los ninos a leer, escribir, cocinar, y   JUGAR!! Gracias porltodos! “      (“Señora DeeDee  and Señorita Stefanie were great teachers!  Los Amigos Camp is an excellent opportunity for children to read, write, cook and PLAY!  Thank you for everything!)                                    

                                                  S. Shuttlesworth , Philadelphia 

 “Spanish Camp was a great place for my two children to have fun while using Spanish to learn about different cultures.  They learned about Latin rhythms, cuisine, and to converse in Spanish.  They are still using what they learn.”                                C. M., Philadelphia 

“My daughter really looked forward to every day of camp!  The variety of activities kept her interest level high.”

                                                       C. Levin, Roslyn, PA