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       If you are not a Preschool or Daycare, we also offer expert Spanish instruction for all ages at a deep discount!

Contact us directly to ask about: 

    • On Site Live Instruction  One of our highly qualified instructors will visit your school (in the Philadelphia, PA area or the surrounding 5 counties) on a weekly basis to teach your children in person.

    • Webcast Preschool Lessons: Add extra emphasis to your own curriculum.  At a pre-arranged time, your students can have a private webcast lesson by Señora Dee Dee.  Topics may be individually tailored to match your schools’ monthly theme(s).   

    • Private Web Tutoring – Available by appointment, Señora Dee Dee will happily tutor your child.

    • Homeschool/Afterschool Web Enrichment Curriculum:  Are you a parent who is searching for a way to give your child an academic advantage?  Even if your child’s school doesn’t offer Spanish, you can offer Spanish through our Enrichment Program.  Unlike other Spanish learning programs, this program was started by a concerned parent – dedicated to offering her children quality enrichment opportunities to learn Spanish. 

    • Spanish for Christian Schools:  Many of our clientele are Christian schools.  Ask us about our specialized themes include worship songs and Word-based lesson plans)

    • Spanish for Business Owners: In an effort to keep up with the marketplace, many business owners are looking to increase their communications skills by learning Spanish. Contact us now to develop a language plan specifically suited for your business needs.



is one of the many educational endeavors offered by
Español Para Los Niños (Spanish for Children). 

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  • How to host an Hispanic themed Birthday Party

  • Monthly Webcast “Fiesta Sing Along” with Señora DeeDee

  • Elementary and Middle School Web classes

  • Web Tutoring 

  • Spanish Web Camp!

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HIP HOP Spanish 4 Kids

  with songs to entertain and educate at the same time!  For more information and a sample of the songs, click on the Hip Hop Spanish 4 Kids tab above!


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